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National Mediclaim Policy is the solution all for your medical needs. You only have to put your finger on any plan and see what it can do for you. National Insurance Mediclaim has been in existence for more than hundred years. Because of its quality insurance products, National Insurance Mediclaim continues to serve excellence.

Trusted by millions, National insurance mediclaim has created it's unique identity. It is available in both, individual and floater sum insured. National insurance has a mediclaim plan for everyone. Lowest sum insured starts from 50,000 and goes up to 50,00,000. And the lowest possible premium begins from INR 1034.

National Insurance

National Insurance Mediclaim Policy

National Insurance Mediclaim Policy is delivering financial support to many families in India. It is in reach of every single individual in term of premium. For this reason, it attracts a large group of society. Even the claim procedure is easy and user-friendly. Be it a cashless or reimbursement settlement, you always get it on time without any delay. National Insurance Mediclaim Policy continues to prove to be a best mediclaim policy in India.

National Mediclaim Policy

Why do we need a mediclaim plan or a health insurance? The answer is very simple. What if someone has to hospitalize? Depending on the kind of treatment, one might have to shell out a hefty amount for hospital bills. He/she might not be prepared for that kind of expense. Rather than being in that kind of situation, it is advisable to buy a mediclaim. This is where National Insurance Mediclaim plan comes into the picture. National Insurance Mediclaim plan is your true friend for throughout life.

Most of us think, what about if we don't hospitalize. Is that all the money we paid wasted? That is not the case really. Firstly, National Insurance Mediclaim plan offers no claim bonus for no claim years. This no claim bonus goes up to 50% of the sum insured. Secondly, you get a tax rebate from the government for the mediclaim premium paid. So you are always in a win-win situation whether its a claim or no claim. National Insurance Mediclaim plan is always there for well being of you.

National Mediclaim Policy

National Insurance Mediclaim has a very good reputation among people. It doesn't matter whether they have used it or not. National insurance mediclaim offers almost all features in their mediclaim. These features are room, boarding, and nursing expenses. It Also offers expenses for ICU. national insurance mediclaim covers the surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultant, nursing and specialist Fees. It also offers Pre & post hospitalization expenses. All services are cashless in natures & inclusive in premium.

National Insurance Company Limited has plans starting from INR 1034 a year. So National Insurance Mediclaim plan fits in everyone's pocket. But by paying less, it never compromises with the type of coverage. Certain features of plan may add up or disappear.

National Insurance Mediclaim Policy is a popular health policy of National Insurance Company Limited. National Mediclaim Policy is a family individual health insurance policy. It means that all members within this policy will have their individual sum insured. In contrast, every member of the policy can use their sum insured only. National Mediclaim Policy is useful for the treatment of illness, diseases & injuries. In fact, there are a lot more benefits that we will continue below.

All Nation insurance mediclaim policies are either cashless or reimbursement based. You can skip to Claim Procedure. You get 6% discount of premium if you choose to be on reimbursement policy. As you may already know, in case of cashless settlement you don't pay a single penny. it's because the insurance company pays the hospital. While in reimbursement, you settle the bills in hospital. And the insurance company pays you post-treatment after producing necessary proofs of expenses.

Under National Mediclaim Policy, you can include almost everyone in your family. they are your wife, children, brothers, sisters, parents, and parents parents-in-law. This policy starts from 50,000 sum insured and goes up to 5,00,000 in a block of 25,000. You don't have to go through a medical if you are below 50 years of age. A health checkup consists of following Medical Reports. This policy is renewable for the lifetime. If you are looking family floater mediclaim policy, explore National Parivar Mediclaim Policy. You can also find all National Insurance Mediclaim Policies here.

A typical Nation Mediclaim mediclaim policy starts from INR 1034 per year with . The actual premium may differ depending on age, the number of members and the sum insured. Please use National Mediclaim Premium Calculator to check premium. You can also download National Mediclaim Policy Brochure / National Mediclaim Policy Premium Chart.

This section covers National Mediclaim Policy details, review, and benefits. Furthermore, please use National Insurance Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator to find exact National Mediclaim Policy premium.

Also see Difference Between National Mediclaim Policy & National Mediclaim Plus Policy.

Below is the list of National Mediclaim Policy details. You can either jump to the topic directly or continue to read one by one.

National Mediclaim Policy

National Mediclaim Policy Features

National Mediclaim Policy Benefits

National Mediclaim Policy offers In-patient Coverage.

Important Information

Medical Reports

These medical reports are mandatory if you are above the age of 50 years.

The date of medical reports should not exceed 30 days before the date of the proposal.

Important To Know

You will get a refund of 50% of the expenses incurred for a pre-policy checkup. But only if the National Insurance accepts your proposal.

National Mediclaim Policy Exclusions

Exclusions List

Claim Procedure

How To Claim

Free Look Period

You can choose to return National Mediclaim Policy until the 15th day from the policy commencement date. You will be entitled to get a refund in that case.

Scenario 1

In case of no claim, after deducting medical test charges (if any) and stamp duty charges, you will receive rest of premium paid.

Scenario 2

In case of a claim, after deducting premium for risk on a pro-rata basis, you will receive rest of premium paid.

National Mediclaim Policy Portability

In case if you want to port National Mediclaim Policy to some another insurer, you need to do so at least 45 days before it expires. The same procedure applies even if you are porting health insurance from any other insurer to National Insurance.

About Plan Names

Generally, everyone referring to national insurance health insurance plan calls it National mediclaim. Or sometimes they call it National mediclaim plan. You will be surprised to know that these terms are actually the name of a National Insurance health plan. Currently, National Insurance has 6 mediclaim plans:

So when you say National Mediclaim Policy, you are referring to the first plan.


National Insurance Mediclaim has a plan for everyone. From individual to family, and Best Mediclaim Policy For Parents.


No doubt, there are so many options available when you look for an insurance policy. But National Insurance Mediclaim Policy keeps itself distinct from all other insurance policies. We are going to summarize it in short.

National Mediclaim Policy is best if you need a family individual health policy. Being a lowest premium policy, it offers coverage no less than any other competitors. National Insurance Mediclaim Policy is quite popular as approval of claims are outstanding. At the same time, it has a huge network of hospitals. That's not it, you get an unmatched quality of service along with 100 years of trust.

A National Insurance Mediclaim gives you complete peace of mind. It always keeps reminding you that you are in safe hands. No one welcomes medical emergencies. But when it occurs, you get all undivided attention from National Insurance TPA. National Insurance family believes that once a member, always be a member. With this intention, National Insurance Mediclaim continues to excel. A National Insurance Mediclaim comes with a lot of benefits and features. Coverage of a health plan depends on the plan you select. There are various mediclaim plans that fall under the National Insurance Mediclaim. Also, you need to decide if you want a cashless settlement or reimbursement.

National Insurance Mediclaim Policy is much more than just a mediclaim policy. National Insurance Mediclaim Policy is designed in such a way that it fulfills almost every medical need you might have. Customers from students to professional, and from farmers to industrialists are getting benefits from it. If you don't have it yet, there is no better time to get it. This is always advisable to take a National Insurance Mediclaim Policy when you are young and in full of health. Rest assured, you will never have anything to complain about.

Other than that there are more reasons to go for a National Insurance Mediclaim Policy. Nobody wants to fall into a situation where a new mediclaim proposal would be rejected on the grounds of medical fitness. Additionally, no one wants to spend money on unplanned mediclaim treatment as well. Sometimes it might even leave you bankrupt if resources are not available. Hence the wisdom lies into better prepare for tomorrow when you still have time and opportunity to leave the worries behind.

You can take National Mediclaim Policy not only for yourself but also for the whole family. You can include not only your spouse and children but also brothers, sisters, parents, and parents-in-law. Furthermore premium for the policy is far better than any other insurance policy. Important to realize that it covers Ayurveda and Homeopathy treatment. on the top of that Claim settlement as simple as taking cash from an ATM. All of above, you can renew National Mediclaim Policy for your whole life.

People who are looking to buy new health insurance are welcome in National Insurance family. You can use the plan for 1 year. And if you like, you can continue. Else as you know, you have porting option always open. Statics prove, 91% of national customers always stay with national.

National Insurance Company deals on several products including health insurance, motor insurance, industrial insurance, commercial insurance & travel insurance. You can visit any of the local national insurance offices for your specific need. Or you can contact a local national insurance agent for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take National Mediclaim Policy just for myself?

Yes, you can buy National Mediclaim Policy just for a single person. However, if you include more members you get a 10% discount on total premium.

Is pregnancy covered in National Mediclaim Policy?

No, pregnancy is not covered in National Mediclaim Policy. In fact, any problem that occurs because of pregnancy will not be covered.

Can I include my parents in National Mediclaim Policy?

Yes, you can include your parents in National Mediclaim Policy. You can include not only your parents but also your sister, brother, and even your parents-in-law.

How much is National Mediclaim Policy premium?

There are several factors that decide National Mediclaim Policy premium. These factors are age, the number of members and the sum insured. You can use National Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator to find exact premium.

Would National Mediclaim Policy premium increase every year?

No, this policy has age brackets. So the age bracket you are in will decide your premium. Please download National Mediclaim Policy Brochure to check National Mediclaim Policy premium.

Can I buy National Mediclaim Policy online?

Of course, you can buy National Mediclaim Policy online. Just enter the member's details and select sum insured. After that click on the buy now. You will get a soft copy of the policy document in your email within 48 hours.

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